Holiday Angel Grants

Helping Families In Need
Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Blessed Christmas!

Giving Thanks & Spreading Holiday Cheer!

Imagine if you can, being a young healthy father of two, working, coaching your children’s sports teams, driving and being a vital part of your family’s everyday life?

Then, imagine you have a sudden serious illness, you are in the hospital for weeks, then rehab that seems to never end and finally going home to a different life than when you left. You are not able to go back to work or play with your children, your days are filled with therapy and doctor appointments, being a father and husband to your family seems foreign to what was a normal family life before.

Now imagine it is the holiday season, the most magical and happy time of the year. For this man and his family it will be difficult to be magical or happy. Any money they have will unexpectedly go to pay the day to day bills, not to mention all the hospital bills that they have accrued. Christmas for them this year will be a time of stress, not the normal holiday spirit. They will have to figure out where the money will come from to give gifts to their children, or to each other. How will they have a beautiful Christmas dinner, to share good food and holiday cheer?

We have given this family considerable thought in the past few weeks and we felt that Empowering Women Thru Motion can help them share in the holiday spirit. We are asking if you would be able to support them so that they may enjoy the true meaning of Christmas. This family knows on a daily basis, what stress and pain really is.

In the past, along with others, we have “sponsored” or adopted families for the holidays. Wouldn’t it be nice to “sponsor” this family and let them feel the spirit of Christmas by what “gifts” we could provide them. This gift of giving would bring joy, gratitude and relief to them. To us that is the true meaning of Christmas! Anyone that would be interested in donating , even a few dollars, when we put it all together, it will be a wonderful “Christmas Present” for this family. If possible, we would like to give them their gift by Thanksgiving so they will be able to “enjoy” the holiday season and shop with the happiness of Christmas in their heart. If there are any other friends you would like to pass this on to, that would be fabulous.

May you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and a blessed Christmas from all of us at Empowering Women Thru Motion!

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