Holiday Angel Grants

Helping Families In Need
Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Blessed Christmas!

Holiday Angel Grants

Meet Our 2020 Angel Grant Recipient

Dear Santa's Angel,

Our Angel grant project has been running for an incredible eight years. We are extremely grateful for the generous donations we have received from you and all who have come together in the past to support families in the community who are in need of assistance. This year has been particularly challenging, and we stand in awe of all the ways people have found to navigate this strange new world. We have a new-found gratitude for all the things that are truly meaningful in life, family, friends and community. We hope that you are once again able to reach out and assist a family that is need of your support this holiday season.

Imagine if you can, being a young, healthy, and vibrant woman with two beautiful children and a loving, supportive husband. Suddenly you are faced with the news that you have been diagnosed with an extremely serious illness. The news of this illness hits hard, but you continue to live your life in as normal a fashion as possible while hoping for a miracle.

You and your husband both work hard to provide for your family, but you shoulder the bulk of the financial burden. You find yourself in and out of the hospital yet continue to do what you can to make sure your family is cared for while you strive to be healthy. You try to stay positive and pray for a cure.

Then, in the midst of this pandemic, a ray of hope is sent your way. Everything is turning around, your health is improving, and you finally see a way forward. But there is an unexpected complication and suddenly your life has ended. Leaving your beautiful family, daughter, son and husband, without their loving mother and wife.

The holiday season is upon us. A magical and joyful time of year. But for this father and his children, it will be an exceptionally difficult holiday season, a time of sadness and loss. Bills continue to pile up and this father is faced with the challenge of providing his children with a traditional Christmas family experience. Making memories, sharing meals, good times, gifts and holiday cheer.

Empowering Women Thru Motion would like to help this beautiful family. We are asking for your generous support so that they may enjoy the true meaning of Christmas during this time of unthinkable loss.

May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving, and a joyful holiday season.

From all of us at Empowering Women Thru Motion!

Empowering Women Thru Motion is a not for profit 501(c)3

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