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Meet Our 2019 Angel Grant Recipient

At 17 years old, “K” was on a path to change the world! She was headed to college after growing up in a underprivileged neighborhood. Both “K” and her mom knew she was destined to go even though it was a financial stretch.

While in college, she had a job at Home Depot that she loved. She thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it: her coworkers, customer interaction and above all the responsibility. She loved working and being self-sufficient. It was while at work one night that her life changed forever. A coworker, using a forklift to move very heavy building materials, ran over her foot accidently, which resulted in a severe crush injury. She was rushed to the ER for treatment. The bones in her foot were severely shattered.

Unfortunately, while all the bones in her foot were beginning to heal, she developed RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) which is a disorder that causes excruciating and lasting pain due to the injured nerves in the foot which travels up the entire leg. This diagnosis was devastating, forcing her to use crutches and a wheelchair to assist her movements. The slightest pressure on her leg would send intense unbearable pain shooting up her leg which would last for hours. Her pain became debilitating.

“K” has proactively tried multiple therapies with numerous doctors. Eventually she found a Doctor that would be able to help her by implanting a permanent epidural catheter with a specialized pump in her abdomen which allowed a slow controlled infusion of pain medicine to help control her pain. After many years of trials and therapy she finally began to function independently, moved out of her mother’s apartment and started her life again. She became very involved in volunteering in her community and worked as a volunteer helping students at the local community college.

“K” is a beautiful example of an Empowered Woman who empowers all those around her. She strongly believes that in order to make a better world, it begins with each and every one of us. Her endless volunteering and service to others made it possible for her to face the day. Crutches and a wheelchair have not stopped her.

Unfortunately, “K” has had a complication with her pain pump and it had to be removed. She has been in the hospital for over 2 months and is having additional health problems due to this complication. It has been an incredible financial struggle and the hospital costs are mounting. Our wish for “K” this Christmas season is that we can give her a bit of joy and freedom from some of her financial burdens so that she can focus on healing and getting stronger so that she could return to the beautiful life of service to others that she is so passionate about.

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