Robyn Behring

Empowering Women Thru Motion



Robyn is a free spirited soul who becomes passionate about everything she chooses to pursue. She took up running in her 30’s with the goal of completing the New York City marathon. Nine marathons later she can’t quite seem to put it down.

She studied and practiced tai chi chuan for many years before meeting her current teacher with whom she has studied for over a decade. With a fourth degree black sash and a teaching certification under her belt, tai chi has become integrated into every aspect if her life, including running.

Fifteen exciting years with a major party goods company has brought Robyn from separation artist to product developer. Currently Director of Licensing, Juvenile, Favors and Sports she is constantly challenged to undertake new roles in the company’s on going growth and expansion.

Robyn’s greatest joy in life remains spending time with her husband of 21 years and their cats. When time permits she also enjoys yoga, quilting, painting and experimenting in the kitchen.

Quote: “To be a part of an organization that gives me the opportunity to transmit to other women the joy of movement, the pleasure of being outdoors and the pure happiness I derive from simply drawing a deep breath of fresh air is quite simply amazing.”