The Empowerment Project is a movement — with a powerful documentary film at its core — to honor the women in our lives.

Powered by local communities, this global campaign celebrates our true role models and challenges the next generation of leaders to ask themselves that very question.

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid to fail?”

The Empowerment Project

And The Response Was...
"It was inspiring and up lifting…just what us girls needed. Thank you for caring!"
"Worthwhile and inspiring, thank you for bringing it here!"
"An Amazing event! Thank You!!"
"Awesome event, so inspiring! We need more like this!"
"What an enchanting way to spend a Wednesday night! A truly enlightening documentary that has inspired me and my two girls! Thank you to all that have brought this movie to our quaint little town of Suffern!"
"So appreciated and inspiring! So happy my daughters were able to enjoy this documentary and can’t wait for more!"
"Such an inspiring and positive evening! Thank you for bringing this documentary to Rockland!"
"Inspirational and uplifting. Glad our girls got to see this!"

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