Robyn is a creative individual with a passion for pursuing a healthy, holistic lifestyle. She took up running in her 30’s with the goal of completing the New York City marathon. That interest in running opened her eyes to the world of triathlon and then trail running. Her interest in sports has grown beyond competition to the pure joy of training. Now she enjoys the unique pleasure of exploring her capabilities, strengthening her body, and interacting with nature.

Tai Chi Ch’uan and meditation are the two regular practices that she has incorporated into every aspect of her life, including her running. She credits both for her continued spiritual and emotional growth and enjoys sharing that learning through teaching and mentoring.

A dynamic creative career has challenged Robyn to continuously learn new skills and given her the opportunity to travel and to interact with people in a variety of roles and industries. Pursuing education and experiencing different cultures fulfills her and she considers herself blessed to have that always be a part of her professional growth.

Robyn’s greatest joy remains spending time with her husband and their cats. She also enjoys yoga, quilting, painting, and spending time experimenting in the kitchen and the garden.

Quote: “Being part of an organization that gives me the opportunity to empower women to discover the joy of movement, the pleasure of being outdoors, and the happiness I derive from simply drawing a deep breath of fresh air is amazing.”